If you are like me who could never concentrate or be productive at home, then you’ll understand the need for good coffeeshops.


Here are the qualities that I look for in a good study spot (in the order of importance):

  • Free and fast Wifi
  • Plenty of personal seating and table space
  • Outlets
  • Easy to get to
  • Friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere for people who want to sit and work for 4-6 hours straight
  • Reasonably priced drinks
  • Low traffic / Quiet, but not silent
  • Ample lighting

While not every coffeeshop is perfect, here are my current favorite study spots in Chicago that I frequent quite a lot:

= Very satisfied

= Neutral

= Not satisfied

1. Jackalope Coffee & Tea House

  Rating Comments
Wifi 54.74 Mbps DL / 8.66 Mbps UL
Seating 50+ seats
Outlets All seats are within reach of an outlet
Transportation Of course this depends on where you live, but it’s not very close to a train station. There is, however, a bus that can take you right in front the shop.
Atmosphere A lot of people sit and work here for extended periods of time, so you’ll feel right at home!
Price My favorite drink here is the Matcha Smoothie w/ whipped cream
Volume / Lighting / Traffic This is a nice quiet area, and does not get a lot of traffic. While the music is for the most part good, sometimes they do play some rock n’ roll which can become annoying. The store isn’t very well lit, so it might be an issue if you’re working on paper or reading a book.

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2. Next Door Cafe

  Rating Comments
Wifi 39.1 Mbps DL / 3.27 UL
Seating 60+ seats. Large open space, with private cubicles
Outlets Plenty of outlets and extension cords
Transportation In a very nice neighborhood with lots of businesses and public transportation.
Atmosphere This is a community space specifically for freelancers and people who work from home. That means people come here to get serious work done, which is awesome! This is probably the ideal study spot, with a young / startup vibe.
Price They have very interesting seasonal drinks
Volume / Lighting / Traffic This place does get a little crowded around the late afternoon, and often times have speakers and workshops around 6:30pm. Medium level pop songs that keep you motivated. The space is very well lit.

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3. Cassava Cafe

  Rating Comments
Wifi 22.6 Mbps DL / 6.9 UL
Seating 35 seats
Outlets Plenty of outlets
Transportation Right next to Clark/Division Red Line Station
Atmosphere People come here to do work, read books, play board games, and socialize with friends.
Price One of the only nice “sit down” boba shops in Chicago
Volume / Lighting / Traffic Quiet, well lit, and usually pretty empty.

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